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Damian Carrington – December 5, 2016

Trophy hunting could help conserve lions, says Cecil the lion scientist

Trophy hunting could help conserve lions, according to the Oxford University scientist who had studied Cecil the lion for years before the animal was killed by an American dentist.
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Shane Mahoney – September 22, 2016

Why Hunting Always Matters

Since our beginnings as a species, we have relied directly upon wild creatures for our survival. To sustain our lives and communities, it was inescapable that, like all natural phenomena, human beings would engage directly in the life-and-death struggles that mark the essential and irreducible truth of existence.
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Keith Aune, Glenn Plumb – October 27, 2016

The President Who Saved the American Bison

As the United States turned 100 on July 4, 1876, Theodore Roosevelt was nearing a milestone birthday of his own. Only a few months shy of 18, he’d seen his nation fulfill its original promise, maturing into a more functional form of democratic governance, perhaps most plainly—and painfully—reflected in the civil war that redefined the principles of freedom.
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Africa Geographic Editorial – September, 14 2016

Ex secretary-general of CITES calls for conservationists to support sustainable use of wildlife

South Africa will soon play host to CoP17 – the 17th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The fact that CITES’ 12-day global gathering is being held in the Southern African region is the best opportunity yet for the wider conservation community to free itself from the eco-colonialism that has taken hold of it, and embrace conservation rooted in the sustainable use of wildlife.
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DSC News

In Response to Responsive Management- Hunters’ Contributions to U.S. Wildlife Conservation
“Hunters do nothing for conservation”.
That is a quote from a comment on DSC Foundation’s post about lion hunting and lion conservation. We all immediately recognize the absurdity of the comment, but it is often the default retort from the anti-hunting crowd and too often we let it slide without rebuttal.
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DSC, DSC Foundation Fight Poaching Through Grants For Aid, Training, Equipment
In 2016, Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and DSC Foundation (DSCF) have granted more than $100,000 for anti-poaching support, with more to come before year’s end.
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What Exactly does Lion Hunting Contribute to Lion Conservation?
Hunters, and particularly international big game hunters, are frequently asked to explain the benefits of regulated hunting, especially in the context of threatened or endangered species. To be fair, the hunting community has been largely ineffective in gathering and disseminating data to support what we all know to be true. The focus on the hunting of the African lion has intensified given the species’ up listing to Appendix II of CITES and the announcement of the concept of enhancement requirements that must be satisfied before any lion trophy can be legally imported into the United States.
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DSCF Grant Supports K9 Anti-Poaching Unit
DALLAS – DSC and DSC Foundation (DSCF) grants are once again going directly to funding conservation and anti-poaching activities for wildlife. DSC and DSCF granted funds to build and sustain the South African Rhino Protection Programme’s K9 unit, trained and housed at the South African Wildlife College (SAWC). The tracking dogs team with field rangers in finding and capturing suspected poachers.
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