Who We Are

In August 2015 the Board of Dallas Safari Club approved the formation of the DSC Foundation. The sole mission of the DSC Foundation is to serve the mission and vision of Dallas Safari Club.

“DSC’s mission is to insure the conservation of wildlife through public engagement, education and advocacy for well regulated hunting and sustainable use.”

The DSC Foundation will continue the legacy of financial grants made by DSC that are in excess of $ 5,000,000.00 over the last four years. The DSC Foundation will fund future grants from resources provided by DSC grants made possible by Convention revenues, funds raised from events conducted by the Foundation, and direct contributions from individuals and entities that support the mission of Dallas Safari Club.

The Foundation will continue outreach work targeting youth and public education with expanded, and increased financial support. Also in the field of advocacy, the Foundation will provide support for hunting based policy initiatives.

In addition,The DSC Foundation will provide support for doctorial candidates and graduate research studies, as well as developing innovative methods to promote the irrefutably successful North American Model of Conservation.

Richard Cheatham – Executive Director

Richard Cheatham is the Executive Director of the DSC Foundation, the charitable giving and receiving arm of the Dallas Safari Club. He is a past president of the Foundation, a past president of Dallas Safari Club, a co-founder and past president of the DSC Frontline Foundation and was chairman of the 2010 DSC First Light Convention. He is an attorney and practiced law for 36 years before taking on the role of Foundation Executive Director. Richard earned a Batchelor of Business Administration (accounting) degree from the University of Texas and a Juris Doctorate degree from Southern Methodist University.